Lehua Writing Project

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saturday, September 25, 2010

About Place Based Literacy: A Journey through Hawaii's Ranching and Agricultural Past

This course, located in three historical places, focuses on how agricultural and ranching practices, were impacted by the immigrant populations which supported them, and how this system helped create the deeply rich multicultural population of Hawaii today. Local storytellers, cultural practitioners, tree saddle craftsmen, slack guitarists, and writing project directors will work with participants to creatively develop interests and learn stories of place and people. Instructors will facilitate participants in creating place-based writing, preserving history, and publishing their work with digital strategies. This course extends over three Saturdays where participants meet face to face. In addition, three asynchronous online modules will be available for students' digital literacy development. Finally, participants will create a portfolio for their implementation of this practice and share this in a face-to-face conference in April. This showcase event will be a fourth face-to-face meeting.